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Welcome to Our Cousins, my information as I see it
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Welcome to Our Cousins.
This is the latest in a series of genealogy related webpages that I've worked on over the years.  As in the past, I find myself compelled to redo things again.  So in that vein, I have very little content online at the present. 
However, I have information on my Barnhardt, Bartolf, Dagenhart, McCorkle, Flowers, Freeze, Price, and a few related lines off these. 
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If you have a question, or just want to talk, about any of these I'd like to hear from you.
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Any and all information that you may see herein, or receive in an email, is information as I have found it  and/or perceived it to be.  As with anything, there are people who have differing opinions.  I've discussed this at length with them in the past and have come to the conclusion life is too short to argue.  So......... Feel free to disagree if you want.  Let's just keep it civil.  OK??

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