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A connection to the "Old World"!

This Bartolf line came to the U.S. from the area around the village of Semlak in the Austrian/Hungarian region.  Why exactly they came is unknown, but given the political climate in the region that may have been why.  It doesn't matter why though.  The first of them came through Ellis Island where their names are listed on the Immigrant Wall of Honor.
My wife said her mother, who along with her sister were the first generation born in the U.S., mainly spoke German until she started school.  And even then continued to speak it at home.
My wife's "Me Maw" was apparently a wonderful cook, because my wife still cooks some of the "old recipes" and I can attest to the fact they are wonderful.
In this line there are a lot of Peters and Elizabeths.  They married which would seem easy enough to track using their surnames.  But, some of them had the same surname.  That's right.  Bartolf marrying Bartolf with duplications of Peters and Elizabeths.  Now you see how difficult that can be. 
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