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The Freeze family is one that I've not done a tremendous amount of work on. It, like most of the others on Our Cousins, is predominantly a southern Rowan County, North Carolina family. There were, and still are, quite a few living there

My connection to the Freeze family is through my paternal grandmother who's maiden name was Freeze.  She was the Julia Ethel Freeze mentioned below.
Gilbert Locke Born: 1896 Died: February 13, 1974 in Rowan County, NC Married December 25, 1918 in Rowan County, NC to: Julia Ethel Freeze Born: August 21, 1895 Died: May 20, 1976 in Salisbury, Rowan County, NC Daughter of: Caleb Jeremiah Freeze and Harriett Ella McCorkle
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