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My Dagenhart connection comes about through the marriage of my maternal grandmother, Carrie Katie Grant, to William Dagenhart. 
Miss Carrie as she was known and William had 6 kids.  There were three boys Jack, Everette, and Will.  And there were three girls Jackie, Lois, and Polly. 
Miss Carrie and her husband separated early on and oral tradition has her raising her family on her own with help from members of her Grant family.  In later years Miss Carrie made her home with some of  her children and their families.  It is these times she lived with us that compromise some of my fondest memories. 
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My Dagenhart information is limited. 
While I am working with the goal of expanding what I have, there is a very fine website that has a wealth of information and pictures on the family. 
That website is Hessian Tarheels.  It is the brainchild of, and is maintained by, Mr. Jerry Dagenhart.  He has spent, and continues to spend, a great amount of time and effort to make this an enjoyable and informative site.  He has given me his permission to provide his email address so you can contact him for access to the Hessian Tarheels site.  You can contact him at either  or at
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