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My Homecoming
My Parents
My Family
Am I Growing

I'm Jack
I'm the newest member of the Barnhardt household. 
I came into this world on November 4, 2005 in Granite Quarry, NC.  In this picture I'm only about 10 days old.  The picture is a little blurry, but I'm still training my photographer. 
My mom and dad are both AKC registered black poodles like me.  Both of them are small, but I'm not sure how big I'll be yet.  Maybe I'll be small too!
I came to my forever home the Saturday before Christmas in 2005.  Since then I've been getting used to being the boss of a whole new house.  The cat hasn't learned yet that I'm the boss though!!  He'll learn soon enough.

I'll have my photographer put some more pictures on here of me as I grow up.  I told him to put links at side of the page so you can pick what you want to see.

If you want to complain to my photographer about the pictures, send him an email at