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Smith, Schmid, Schmittinn, etc.

A rose by any other name!

In America names often changed.


I can only guess as can you. It's often been blamed on the officials at Ellis Island. Or...maybe they wanted a new name to go with a new start in a new country. I guess no one will ever know for certain. Just be glad they came. For without their coming we wouldn't be here. Unless you're Native American.

My only connection to the Smith family is through a gentleman named Henry Smith, or as he is also known Heinrich Schmid.

Henry/Heinrich, I've found was a pretty interesting fellow. He fought for America in the American Revolution. He was present at some notable places and some not so notable. He had some good times and some that weren't so nice. But, reading his application for his Revolutionary War pension, it is pretty clear that he wasn't a fan of the British troops.

Henry...... I salute you!!!

Henry Smith's personal information

Revolutionary War Penson application for Henry Smith

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