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Flowers Reunion 2002

It's that time of the year!

It's time for the Annual Flowers Reunion!

We're in a new place this year. We moved it for a couple of reasons. At this location, there will be swings for the kids. Adjacent to the building there is a small park-like area and a couple of tennis courts behind the building. Our reservation doesn't cover the exclusive use of the park, swings, and tennis courts so there is a possibility others may be using these facilities also. Not highly likely, but possible. Another reason for moving is the cost. This building is somewhat cheaper! It's an older building, but it's well maintained by the owner which is the Town of China Grove.

We hope you will come. A map is below for your use if needed.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. are welcomed and appreciated. Just use the form below!

Zip Code/Postal Code
Phone Number

A map to help you get there!