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Our Cousins Favorite Links

Quite often a page, or pages, that someone else has run across has been the key to finding that one bit of information that makes the connection we've been looking for. The sharing of tidbits like that is a hallmark of genealogists everywhere.

Here on Our Cousins Links Pages, you will find links that have proven helpful in locating those elusive tidbits we all look for so diligently.

If you have a site, or sites, that have helped you and would like to suggest them, please send an email, or submit the form below, and they will be considered.

Thanks Cousin!

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Genealogical Information

Cyndi''s List - A lot of very good links to a lot of genealogy related sites


Brother's Keeper - A very good shareware genealogy program

To suggest a link that you have found helpful, please submit the form below.

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