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Application for Revolutionary War Pension of Captain Henry Smith

This is a transcription of the application that Henry Smith submitted in an effort to obtain his pension for service in the America Revolution. I have tried to be as accurate as I can. Where you see question marks, it's an indication of something either being unreadable or me not being sure of something like the spelling. Other than that, I stand behind it.

Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.

State of North Carolina Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessons for Cabarrus County Cabarrus County October term 1833

On the 21st day of October one thousand eight hundred & thirty three personally appeared in open court before the worshipful Justice of the Court of pleas and quarter sessions for Cabarrus County - State of North Carolina now setting - Henry Smith, a resident of Cabarrus County, North Carolina, aged ninety-one. Who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his own oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832 - That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated - "To Wit" - " That on the 1st of March 1776, I raised a company in the County of Stokes, North Carolina, (then Surry County) and was appointed Captain of the same. I received my commission from the "Council of Safety - then in Hillsboro, N.C.. I marched my men from Surry County under Col. Armstrong & Col. Williams & Major (Winston/Winston ?) to "Cross Creek" near Fayetteville, N.C.. I was directed by Col. Armstrong & Col. Williams to raise this company with other captains, under the authority of the "Council of Safety" - The Tories having been defeated by Col. Caswell, we were at Cross Creek dismissed by our officers & returned home about the first of April 1776 - I served as a Captain in this expedition four weeks - On or about the first of August or last of July of the same year - 1776 - in the same county Surry, (now Stokes), I received orders from Col. Armstrong to gather my company again - which I did immediately, and we marched under Col. Armstrong to (Cubs ?) Creek in Surry - where orderw were received for 300 men to be marched against the Cherokee Indians - where I was unanimously selected by the men, it having been left to them by the Cols. as one of the Captains in this expedition - There were 3 captains - Mosby & Dobson & myself - with 100 men each - we were marched under Col. Williams through the mountaiins to the long islands of (Holson ?) River - where we were all placed under Genl. Christie - then we went to the "Indian Town" - then to the "Beloved Town" where the officers & the Indians concluded a treaty - we were then dismissed & we were marched back home under Col. Williams - I served in this expedition 104-days - ( 3 months & 14days-) as a Captain under the same commission from the "Council of Safety" - On or about the first of November 1776 - I again entered the service under Col. Armstrong orders - from whom I received a commission as a Captain - under which I drafted a full company - in the County of Surry - I was marched at the head of my company, from (Richmond ?) town, in Surry, to Charlotte, NC where we were joined by Col. Brevard at the head of the drafts from Rowan & Mecklenburgh - our officers having gone on - & directed me to bring on the late drafts - we marched on together to (Parisburgh ?) on the Savannah River - where I met with Genl. Rutherfords Brigade - and I was then placed under my proper officers again - (Brig ?) Genl Rutherford - Col. Francis Locke - at Parisburgh we were detached and placed under the commant of Genl. (Lyth ?) & Major (Nelson/Nilson?) of the Continental Army. Under the command of Genl. (Lincoln ?) we were then called and acted as "light infantry" - I was placed in this service, as a captain, at the head of a company, under these officers - I marched under them up the river opposite Augusta - crossed the river there & went down the Georgia (Tide ?) to Briar Creek where we had an engagement and were defeated in March 1777 - marched from Briar Creek to the Black Swamp in S.C. where we were all discharged on the 10th of April 1777 - I served in this expedition 5 months exactly - all the time as a Captain - In crossing the River, which we had to swim, after the Battle of Briar, I lost my commission & other papers relating to my service - We were discharged by Genl Rutherford, Col. Lytle having given up the "light infantry" after crossing the River - Again, on the 5 of 6th of January, 1781 - I was placed at the head of a company of volunteers as Captain - having received my commission from (Gov. Caswell ?). We marched to meet Col. Morgan - whom we met at the Cowpens - on the 16th of January 1781 - on the next morning (17th) we were in the battle of the Cowpens - we returned with the prisoners then taken to Salisbury, N.C. - where we were permitted to be discharged - I served in actual service this time 10 days - as Captain - Two weeks after the battle of the Cowpens, I received a commission as Major in Col. Armstrong's regiment in the North Carolina Line - from Gov. Caswell _ and I acted in that capacity during the war. While Major I was frequently ordered to march against the Tories - which I did - At the Shallow Ford on the Yadkin we had an engagement in the month of October 1787 - against the Tories, under Col. (Wright ?), who was there killed - and (six or sixteen) men - It is impossible for one at this day to remember all the incidents of my service while Major - as I was continually on the march - scouting the country against the Tories - I was not out of actual service in five years three months in all - I served during the whole time either a Captain or Major - I was Captain in various services from March 1776 - to January 1787 - when Ii was appointed a Major and served in that capacity from January 1776 - to the end of the war - I cannot now recollect from advanced age, the exact terms of my service - but I served at least four years & ten months as a captain - and nine months as a Major - and for that time I claim a pension - a portion of this time I was in what was called minute or scouting service - I was always called out by regular authority - first by the Council of Safety - then by Col. Armstrong - My commission and papers, orders & letters relating to my service have all been destroyed - first in crossing the river after the battle of Briar Creek - and afterwards by (??) a party of British, when Cornwallis lay at "Houser Town" in Surry on his way to Guilford - who robbed my house of all its property & papers - I have no other documentary proof of my service - I refer for proof of the same to depositions of living witnesses hereunto appended - I was born in the County of Lancaster Pennsylvania, on the 25th of December 1741 - I was about 30 years old when I moved to the County of Surry N.C. - I now live in the County of Cabarrus where I have lived upwards of forty years - I refer to Genl (Phil ?) (Barringer or Bassinger ??) & John Robinson ( D.D. or D.D.S. ??) for proof of my character & the reputation of my service - in the Revolutionary War - I do hereby relinquish every claim whatsoever to a pension except the present & declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the agency in any state -

------- Sworn to & subscribed the day | Henry Smith & year aforesaid ---- |-- ____ Mark

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