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Frequently Asked Questions,

or just various and sundry miscellaneous stuff you might, or might not, want to know!

Q. Is this a commercial, for profit enterprise?

A. No! If it were, I'd have a new "Dude, you're getting a Dell." computer.

Q. Is everything contained here on "Our Cousins" proven?

A. No! Some of it is documented and some of it isn't. Some of it is oral tradition, some of it has come from other sources.

Q. So there might be mistakes?

A. Yes! There most certainly can be mistakes. If there are, they aren't intentional. As you probably know, genealogy is not always an exact science irregardless of what some people would have you believe. Some of it is based on official records, some of it on oral traditions, some of it from church records, etc. All of which can, and sometimes is, wrong.

Q. Are the opinions expressed here on "Our Cousins" the only ones you will consider?

A. No! I welcome any and all questlons, comments, etc. that anyone may have. In fact, I welcome them. If there are comments, etc. that anyone wants considered, just click on the email link below and send them to me. I'll look them over and if you can convince me I'm wrong, I'll change it. If you can't convince me, and want your viewpoint expressed in addition to mine, I'll be glad to put that on "Our Cousins" with proper credit given to you along with a link to your email address.

Email questions, comments, etc. to Our Cousins!

Q. Do you own the information contained on "Our Cousins"?

A. No! This information has come from many sources, and people. Some of it I've found myself. Some of it was, and continues to be, freely given by others. It's my firm belief that information of a genealogical nature cannot be "owned", but rather is, and should be, shared by, and for, all.

Q. So if you don't own the information, aren't 100% sure it's 100% corrrect and proven, why do you put it up?

A. Because it's my belief that except in certain rare instances, no one can ever be 100% sure that what they have in their records is 100% correct. And because of that, if information were to be withheld until a person was 100% sure they were 100% correct, not very much would ever make it to the public. I would rather have "something" to work from than "nothing" to work from. As in everything else, an individual should the one to make the determination as to how much weight they want to put to a theory or fact.

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